Pallab Sarker’s ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’


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Check out London based singer-songwriter Pallab Sarker’s follow up to ‘Morning in Brixton’, entitled ‘Not Gonna Fall in Love With You’.


Barcelona’s Pablo and the Appleheads set for new album release


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Get ready for the release of the lovingly named album, ‘Alessandra’, from the fantastic Barcelona based band, Pablo and the Appleheads. The album is entitled sweetly after Pablo’s girlfriend, and the poetic love song on the album also called ‘Alessandra’. Juxtaposing this love song, is a very lively and energetic track, with an incredibly catchy melody and lyrics, ‘Zaida’, with its music video release to get excited for on the 4th of August.

The band, which started in Barcelona in 2014, consists of the outstanding Pablo Villavacchia on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Pere Foved on drums, Jordi Franco on bass, Joan Vinyals on guitar and backing vocals, Jordi Batida on guitar, and Manu Guix on piano. The band is named after the iconic painting The Son of Man by René Magritte’s, giving a quirky and interesting edge to the band.

Pablo and the Appleheads have many influences, including The Beatles, Oasis, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay, making their music a fusion between indie and pop. The themes of the songs are quite varied too, from partying to politics to love, making the whole album incredibly intriguing and captivating.

The variety in each of the songs styles and topics makes for a charming and absorbing album from Pablo and the Appleheads, with many hits and success ahead of them due to the fantastic guitar led melodies and heavy toe-tapping beats created throughout, as well as the thoughtful lyrics and exceptional lead vocals from Pablo, with many thanks to the bands’ great producer, Roger Rodés.

Make sure you don’t miss the release of Pablo and the Appleheads’ new album ‘Alessandra’…

J.J Leone – With You

Today we’ve got a treat for you. The newest release (7th July) from J.J Leone, ‘With You’, is a real masterpiece of relaxation. Effortlessly smooth vocals and synth work blend together to create a hybrid folk/funk track which transcends the genre boundaries we once knew. J.J has had some fairly harrowing life experiences, with six months spent living homeless, but he has come out stronger than ever before and with a real passion for music he is sure to go far.

His self produced and written music showcases his homegrown work ethic and core ability to produce great sounding tracks. His performances across the world have led to an increased knowledge of his music and some have been drawing parallels with other singer songwriters such as Jamie Woon and James Blake.

Check out ‘With You’ below and let J.J Know what you think by connecting with his social media platforms!

‘Recycle Your Regrets’: The new album from Norther-Irish songsmith Chase The River


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album cover

It seems like it takes a lot of meaningful and often heartbreaking incidents to be able to write quality songs, and Chase The River is the perfect example of this.

Some particularly scarring events have cut the talented songwriter deep, for example, he’s had his fair share of heartbreak, his father passed away, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and to top it all off, he broke his back playing rugby, but arguably, his songwriting has benefited from it.

With an honest and accessible approach to writing his music, Chase The River is a highly accessible artist whose cleverly crafted style is sure to strike a note with anyone who has the vaguest idea of decent music. Now, Chase The River is back with what he considers his best record to date, Recycle Your Regrets, which as you can tell from the title, is a very self-reflective piece of art.

Part of what makes Chase The River so appealing is his apathy in creating a ‘perfect’, polished recording. Sometimes, and particularly with his style of folk music, a slight rawness, and ‘rough around the edges’ sound compliments the vibe much better. In fact, during the recording process, which was conducted somewhat ‘on the fly’, the other musicians hadn’t even heard the material before entering the studio. As a result, there’s much more reliance on the the musicians gelling together with their craft, which helps achieve this rugged sound.

Chase The River has even performed at the Copenhagen songwriters festival, Sunflowerfest and the Pure M music awards show where he was nominated for ‘Best Irish Act’ and ‘Best EP’, and this has led to him also receiving airplay support from BBC Radio Ulster and RTE 2XM.

Having been compared to the likes of Passenger, Joe Purdy and The White Buffalo, Chase The River is the following in a strong folk tradition, but he sets himself apart with some of the finest songwriting around.

Recycle Your Regrets isn’t out until June 17th, so check out more on Chase The River below:



‘The Wild Winds’ EP by Harry Pane



harry pane

Brand new, from London based singer / songwriter Harry Pane, is his emotionally gripping new release: The Wild Winds EP. 

This EP showcases this artist’s unique style and songwriting capabilities through intriguing lyrics and memorable guitar melodies. There is an upbeat feel to tracks such as ‘Old Friend’ and ‘Into the Dark’, encompassing blues and rock ideas, while ‘Fletcher Bay’ reflects on this artist’s difficult life. Dani Castelar (REMPaulo Nutini) recorded the EP, which was funded by Island Records, after Pane won Meet & Jam’s ‘Road to the 100 Club’. As well as winning this competition, BBC Introducing have also taken an interest in his music, securing him a gig at the O2 Academy Oxford in May.

As I travel round these roads that wind, I feel my mind collide with memories when I felt alive’. These emotional words are the first uttered on this heart-warming EP. Formed from the positive memories that Pane has from when his dad was still with him, ‘Fletcher Bay’ is taken from the creative brain of a lyrical mastermind. With a beautifully crafted guitar intro, and poetic lyrics that leave the listener full of empathy for the man who wrote them, this single starts the EP in a magical place.

In complete contrast to the first track, ‘Into the Dark’ and ‘Old Friend’ provide feel good choruses, and rhythms that anyone can tap their foot to. In both tracks, electric guitar riffs and punchy drum rhythms create a different interpretation of blues rock. These have been incorporated into his already established singer / songwriter style, which ensure anyone will leave humming his distinctive lyrics.

In support of his new music, Pane has just embarked on his first UK tour. This will see him playing a selection of gigs as the headline act, and one as a BBC Introducing artist. Other artists such as Jake Bugg and The 1975 beginning their careers with BBC Introducing, can only provide hope that Harry Pane will continue to produce such high quality music.

This EP will certainly reach its full potential in a live, gig environment. Visit to view his upcoming concert dates, and to listen to his wonderfully engaging new music.

James Handler

Track Review: ‘Frank Sinatra’ by Lisa Richards


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Lisa Richards’ voice soothes the soul in her lead single, ‘Frank Sinatra’, taken from her upcoming album A Light From The Other Side.

Richards’ voice appears to me as a beautiful mix of the accented tones of Noisettes’ lead singer, Shinghai Shoniwa, and the calming control of Corinne Bailey Rae.

Australian-born Lisa uses the creative media of music and her fruitful songwriting abilities to explore personal issues within her album; with Richards herself professing, ‘My songs don’t quite fit anywhere. They aren’t ‘commercial’ and yet people are drawn to them, the songs speak to people.  There’s something primal and familiar about the songs, the stories, the voice.’ Her unstable childhood provided all the push she needed to fly the nest in search of a music career in the city.

Best described as a blend of soft soul, smooth jazz, with all the melancholy lyrical depth of your classic blues numbers, Lisa’s songs are set to speak to people on multiple levels.

‘Frank Sinatra’ is set to an endearingly quirky animation of emerging nature onto a hazy background; perfectly mirroring the contented sunny Sunday afternoon feel of the song

Lisa’s album A Light From The Other Side is set for release on 21st April.

Watch ‘Frank Sinatra’ here:

Listen to more of Lisa’s songs on SoundCloud:

Keep up to date via her website:


Grace Mitchell

Glenn Harrold makes a comeback with ‘Fading Photograph’


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It’s likely that Glenn Harrold is the world’s only multi-million selling hypnotherapist who has also forged a career in music, but this simply makes him all the more intriguing.

Glenn has found huge success with his self-help books and apps, which are sold all over the world, but having always had a passion for music and songwriting, he has turned to this as a profession too.

Having released ‘The Wayfarer’ late last year,  a song that looked into the folklore of the Peace Pilgrim, Glenn has looked much closer this time with ‘Fading Photograph’, a beautiful ballad telling the story of lost love and reminiscence.

Similarly to his last track, ‘Fading Photograph’ uses the talented vocals of Dean Rhymes, who puts Glenn’s evocative songwriting and musicianship into practice. Dean’s pure and gentle voice combines delicately with a beautifully written piano lead forming a ballad of powerful emotion, further backed up by the subtle string accompaniments.

Being a hypnotherapist and self-help author, there are lot of themes that Glenn comes across everyday including consciousness, spirituality, peace and of course, love: the central core of ‘Fading Photograph’.

Check out more on Glenn Harrold here:

Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now:


‘Freedom’: A Protest Song From Beldon Haigh


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We are living in turbulent times currently, particularly in terms of politics, and turbulent times call for drastic measures. Although the protest song can hardly be called ‘drastic’, it’s a step in the right direction to combatting the problem.

Protest songs don’t really see the light of day anymore, but America’s current situation is without a doubt a justified one for a song of protest and Beldon Haigh has done everyone a favour, writing ‘Freedom’.

The idea for the song came to Beldon in a dream and so he was quick to write it down before he forgot anything. With a delicate, folk-rock-pop style, Beldon’s song highlights the obvious problems with Trump’s presidency, adding in a touch of wit and humour for good measure.

Although Beldon is from Scotland, America’s predicament is close to his heart as his wife is a Honduran immigrant who has family in the US, fearing deportation. Also, Beldon is the father of three children, one of whom is mixed race, and he worries about the kind of image being projected to younger generations by arguably the most powerful man in the world.

‘Freedom’ is a song that campaigns for exactly what it says on the tin. It’s not full of hate, as this would only sink to Trump’s level. Instead, it is a track that acts as a call to arms for people to stand up and be counted, and this is a difficult thing for a song to do.

Find out more on Beldon Haigh here:


Glenn Harrold’s Inspired Track: ‘The Wayfarer’


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‘The Wayfarer’ is the folk-inspired new single from Glenn Harrold, who you may otherwise know as the the famed hypnotherapist and self-help author. His apps and downloads have sold over 7 million copies worldwide making him one of the biggest names in the business. However, Glenn is now branching out, using his musical talents to take a slightly different career direction.

Despite this, his career as a self-help author has created a solid platform to build a music career on. For example, many of the topics and issues that Glenn deals with in his job are ones that he writes about within his music. However, ‘The Wayfarer’, which also features the talented vocals of Dean Rhymes, stems from the inspiring story of the peace pilgrim, a woman who walked across America several times throughout her life in the name of peace. Some of the other subjects that influence Glenn’s songwriting are shamanism, spirituality, love and even veganism.

With an easy listening sound, driven by delicate folk melodies and instrumentation, Glenn’s music is perfect for sitting back and relaxing, whilst there is a strong subtext behind ‘The Wayfarer’ that you can get your intellectual teeth into as well.

Glenn’s hypnotherapy career has also led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.




Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla Celebrate 40th Anniversary of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’


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Experienced celtic-rock violinist Joe O’Donnell and his band Shkayla (Gaelic for ‘stories’) are back, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Joe’s acclaimed concept album, Gaodhal’s Vision, which featured blues-rock guitar legend, Rory Gallagher.

Gaodhal’s Vision tells the story of the Milesian people leaving Egypt and setting out for the island, foretold to them by Moses, called Eire (Ireland). The album displays Joe’s fascination with the esoteric and celebrates the origins of the Celts and many distinctive aspects of their famed culture.

Noted as one of the best guitarists of all time, Rory Gallagher enjoyed a warm musical friendship with Joe. Upon the release of Gaodhal’s Vision, the album was met with positive feedback, partly due to Rory’s involvement, but also because of Joe’s innovative compositions and quality musicianship.

To mark the anniversary, Joe and Shkayla will be performing two live shows at the Coventry Belgrade Theatre on 31st March and 1st April. The live performance will be accompanied by Irish and Indian dancers, as well as narration and the original recordings of Rory’s guitar solos. As a result, the shows will be more than your average gig; they’re set to be quite the spectacle with their multi-media experiences.

Joe is a classically trained musician, but he quickly grasped the links between Celtic and Indian Music which his band now blend with an intriguing amalgamation of jazz, rock and orchestral genres.

Also, with St. Patrick’s day coming up, Joe is keen to restore the original meaning of the day of the patron saint. Being a living descendant of the people who brought St. Patrick to Ireland, Joe feels a responsibility to reclaim the true meaning through his folk inspired music and move it away from the commercialised image of drunkenness and over-indulgence.

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition of Gaodhal’s Vision is set for release 28th April 2017.

You can listen to some tracks from Gaodhal’s Vision here on SoundCloud:


Find out more on Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla here:


Buy tickets for the shows here: