Jonny Dee gets cosmic on new single ‘Feedback’

Continuing to stake his claim as a rap prodigy, Jonny Dee has dropped new track ‘Feedback‘. The single is a perfect example of the Californian’s brand of cosmic rap, with a backdrop of whirring and sparking sonics. It’s easy to lose yourself in the mesmeric atmosphere producer Chris Batson has created- especially when Dee’s lazy, hypnotic drawl is added to the mix- but somehow his rhymes keep the listener present. In his typical fashion, the San Diego rapper seems to surpass the tropes of rap by injecting a fusion of genres into his music. It’s elements of funk, jazz, psychedelia, and soul that are the basis of his forthcoming ‘The Human Experience‘.


When we spoke to Dee about the forthcoming release he said:

The whole idea of ‘The Human Experience’ is essentially understanding and loving yourself more and more, to the point that when you look back out at the rest of the world, a lot of the struggles that people have just don’t make sense.

“It’s all about a person getting more in touch with themselves, finding happiness that way, and wanting to help others to do the same. The music is a guideline I guess to find some freedom and peace from the “everyday struggles”. ‘The Human Experience’ is the act of going out and trying to understand humans, why they do the things they do, treat each other the way they do, and trying to help them.”

‘The Human Experience’ is available from May 12.


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