Maria Rago’s Piano Roots

We can’t think of anywhere more appropriate for this piece of music to live! Pianist Maria Rago is proud to present to the video to The Sound of Leaves, a composition she wrote to celebrate the relationship between herself and her natural surroundings. Using leaves as a metaphor for our lives, the combination of Maria’s exceptional musicianship, the sumptuous video and poignant message is something that will intrigue, move and engage listeners to music of all kinds. Appropriately, her video sees her playing her composition surrounded by trees.

Born in Sicily, though now residing in Illinois, USA, Maria Rago was something of a late-comer to the music world – in fact, she only beginning to study composition and play piano at the age of 24, at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon, France. Despite this, alongside her studies, she voraciously soaked up influences from across the arts: not just musically from the likes of Igor Stravinsky and Frank Zappa, but the paintings of Caravaggio and Picasso and the literary works of Dostoyevsky and Strindberg.

Maria’s virtuoso piano skills are both soothing and provocative and works so well with the visuals – cinematic in all ways (but without the crippling cost of the tickets!)


Instagram: @mariaragomusic



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