‘After Eve’ by Warsaw Radio


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‘After Eve’ is the latest single from folk-rock-pop band, Warsaw Radio. You might wonder where such a name comes from and the answer is a historical one. Front-man Brian McNamara once read about the Warsaw Radio Orchestra who continued to play their music throughout the siege of their city by the German Army in 1939. The story strongly influences McNamara, hence the band’s meaningful title.

According to McNamara “The story really inspired me. Working as an original artist in what can be a tough industry can be hard and having an inspiration like these guys in 1939 helps to keep you going”.

Produced by Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Florence Welch) and mastered by John Davis (U2, White Lies), ‘After Eve’ follows a unique narrative, imagining the scenario of Adam being separated from Eve after they banished from the garden of Eden, from Adam’s perspective. With such inspired and well thought song writing, Warsaw Radio already have an advantage over other bands due to their powerful ability to tell stories.

Rich orchestration combines with the warm and clear vocals of McNamara creating a folk influenced pop-rock sound that is sure to appeal to contemporary audiences. Along with the grandeur of an emotive string section, there is a sense of epic-ness to the music of Warsaw Radio that you can really immerse yourself in.

The band as a whole draw influences from the likes of Wilco, Fleetwood Mac and The Waterboys and they’re setting off on a UK tour which begins in their hometown of Brighton, at Komedia February 8th.








‘Call Me The Moon’ From Mark L. Oakes


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With Mark L. Oakes’ Call Me The Moon album, we are presented with a soulful and heartfelt collection of folk-rock tunes and ballads that are more than easy on the ears.

Hailing from Belgium, Mark writes enchanting melodies with deep meaning that he delivers with his signature, distinctive vocals. One can imagine that Mark’s classic Americana-folk sound would fit well as the soundtrack to a film, or even a ‘karmic road trip’, as Oakes puts in his own words.

Tracks such as ‘Shredded Jeans’ are endearing in their style; both gentle in sound through the use of humble piano lines and emotive harmonica sections, yet powerful in their build up, mainly due to the timbre of Mark’s stunning vocals.

Upon first listening, your first comparison may well be Neil Young, someone Mark notes as one of his primary influences. As well as the folk-rock God, Oakes admires the work of Tom Petty, Ryan Adams and Tucker Zimmerman.

Music aficionados will appreciate the quality production in Oakes music as well as the subtlety of instrumentation, whilst others will simply be able to appreciate the easy listening nature of what Mark is creating.

Find out more on Mark L. Oakes here:







Wiyaala Sets Up World Music Festival


Wiyaala, the superstar Ghanaian songstress, often compared to Angelique Kidjo and Grace Jones, has taken a brave step by creating a new annual music festival in the remote town of Wa in the Upper West Region set to take place on the 23rd of December.

Watch the stunning new video for Kandibanye (Had I Known) which was shot in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.


Known as the Djimba World Music Festival, the singer aka, the “Young Lioness of Africa” says: “I grew up in the region and it is very under represented. By starting the festival, I hope to shine a light on the music and art that exists in this part of Africa.  The north has a wealth of talent which is just not getting seen or heard. The festival is one of a number of steps I’m taking to encourage our musicians to showcase their talent to the world and to attract visitors to come and experience our unique way of life”

The effervescent singer, who will release her second album next year, added she was inspired to start the festival after performing at festivals in Europe including the world famous WOMAD Arts festival. “Glastonbury started with an audience of just 1500 people and I don’t see why we can’t manage at least that number and grow in years to come”

This year, Wiyaala will headline the maiden edition festival along with the Djimba World Band. Other acts appearing include, the traditional musician Stevo Atimbre in the style of the renowned King Ayisoba from the Upper East of Ghana. Reggie artist Jah Bone, local rap acts Samson B and Ghally are amongst the names also on the bill.

The festival takes place on the 23rd December at the Community Centre, Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Tickets are GHS 10 (£2) VIP (£4).

More info: https://web.facebook.com/DjimbaWorldMusicFestival/

For interviews or more information please contact Quite Great on 01223 844440

Stream the single ‘Timbanayi’ from the album here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wiyaala/tinambanyi-here-we-come

Watch the video for ‘Leno’ from the album here:






‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution



With a contemporary spiritual pop sound for the modern age, The Maladaptive Solution aim to teach morality through their new single, ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’.

The mysterious group have been influenced by music from all genres from folk to rock, focussing on creating memorable songs with quality production at the centre of what they do.

The track blends a number of styles pairing simple guitar chords with an Indian-fusion backing track, along with choir vocals and some electric guitar as well. ‘Ontology (Form and Content) was written in one session but recorded over a number of years and locations.

In terms of physical reactions to the track, listeners have reported crying, feeling a strong sense of happiness or even one of support during a hard time, proving how ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ can be interpreted by the individual in whichever way they wish.

Contributors to The Maladaptive Solution include Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney.

‘Ontology (Form and Content) is out now but remember it’s not just a song, it’s an assignment.




Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith ‘Night Hours’ music video

December 2016 sees Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith’s second release, the studio album ‘Night Hours’. They’ve just released their title track music video filmed by Andrew Friend and was premiered on Folk Radio UK. Following their release of their album, Jimmy and Sid will be touring in intimate venues before their main Spring 2017 tour.

Watch the music video for ‘Night Hours’ here:


Tour Dates:

GREEN NOTE, LONDON – Monday 14th November



THE BICYCLE SHOP, NORWICH – Wednesday 7th December






FOLK AT THE HALL 2017, RHYL – Saturday 8th July

Introducing: Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla


In 1996 O’Donnell moved to Coventry where he became aware of the Coventry Carol and whilst touring Brittany learnt the traditional Christmas carol ‘Noel Nouvelet’. He decided to blend the two and is now ready to release the Celtic fused music with hints of rock and jazz, creating a completely unique sound.

After staging and producing ‘St. Patrick Goes To The Punjab’ at Coventry’s Albany Theatre, Shkayla are returning to headline Asian music and dance event ‘Fire and Light’ on Saturday 29th October. It’s expected that O’Donnell will be using his self manufactured 8 string Ceramic violin, giving the group that one of a kind combination of mediaeval English and Indian music.

Listen to Noel Nouvelet below:

Tuffet Bunnies: ‘Everything’


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‘Written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan’. This is how Clem Darling of Tuffet Bunnies describes the songs on his latest EP, Love Songs for Scarlett. Already, you can see that he is no ordinary artist.

‘Everything’ is the catchiest of the four songs on the EP that creates more vivid images like hoedowns in country barns and people getting merry drinking cider. In the best way possible, might I add.

The fiddle behind the guitar and vocals provides a quintessential folky sound to the classic base of vocals and guitar, whilst the subtle bongo drums and tambourine combo keeps the track sounding organic, and not overshadowing the song’s lyrical centre piece.

Speaking of lyrics, they come originally  in the form of an extensive list of compliments, aimed at Darling’s girlfriend, Scarlett: ‘You have talent, you have taste, you are self-sufficient, you don’t need my protection…’.  Some might dismiss this as overly simplistic song writing, but the list form fits perfectly for the song’s content; Darling is declaring his love for girlfriend – why beat around the bush? As a result, the song feels much more sincere.

If you’re one of those who likes some comparisons to other artists in your reviews, then here goes. Adam Green is an apt reference point, both his solo work and that with the Moldy Peaches, as well as Futur Primitif and Joe Purdy. But that’s just my opinion, so you might as well check out Tuffet Bunnies nonetheless!

To summarise, I’d be over the moon if this song had been written about me.




Darling Valley release album ‘Crooked Orchards’

After releasing their new album ‘Crooked Orchards’, folk rock 4-piece band Darling Valley have caught the attention of many. The album, which came out June 24th, was recorded by the two married couples to create a blend of folk, indie and rock. The variety of instruments used, from pocket trumpet to banjo, has formed a unique sound, which MTV have found fitting for several of their dramas.

Band member TJ Foster explains “what we’re doing musically is a representation of who we are. What we are trying to convey comes from experiences and emotions we’ve had.”

Watch their latest video:



Facebook – darlingvalleyband

Instagram – darlingvalleyband

Twitter – @darling_valley

Bull Funk Zoo Releases Explosive and Unruly Second Album ‘Dangerous Radio’

Following the release of his fiery and ballsy singles ‘Would You’ and ‘Burnin’, Bull Funk Zoo is on a parade and ready to take the rock industry by storm. Raw and uncompromising, ‘Dangerous Radio’ is BFZ’s blindfolded rollercoaster ride of rock, funk, blues, sex and the news, all the while tipping his hat to masters like Jimi Hendrix, Chilli Peppers, Range Against The Machine, Clutch, Frank Zappa and the Sex Pistols.

While previous collaborations featured Eslam Jawad -M.C (former Gorillaz and Wu Tan Clan) and Hamdan Al-Abri,  ‘Dangerous Radio’ sees Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo performing and producing the whole album himself. Assaad describes ‘Dangerous Radio’ as a big bad bull rocking out, fornicating & wildly stompin’ the blues to rubble. Hendrix havin’ a drink with Tom Waits & RATM decided to tear it up.

Listen to Whiskey taken from the album: 

Watch The New Promo Here: 


Stream: https://soundcloud.com/bullfunkzoo

Donate/Buy: https://bullfunkzoo.bandcamp.com

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/BullFunkZoo

Tweet: www.twitter.com/bullfunkzoo

Follow: www.instagram.com/bullfunkzoo

Like: www.facebook.com/bullfunkzoo

Web: www.bullfunkzoo.com

Email: info@bullfunkzoo.com


Gig Dates:

Oct 26th, album launch Halloween weekend at Stereo Arcade

Nov Date TBC, Beats On The Beach festival.

December 16th, Dubai Marina Festival, we are headlining on main stage

Dec 23rd at Dubai Airport Live music.

Dec Date TBC, D3 festival

Texas country icons Wade Bowen and Willy Braun tour the UK


“..an earnest and direct singer who wrings feelings from small vocal gestures and whose songwriting .. is graceful, with twists like small sighs”  – The New York Times on Wade Bowen

Coming together for an exclusive UK tour, Wade Bowen and Willy Braun get set to take their Americana sound across the pond.

Texas native Wade Bowen is an award-winning singer-songwriter and recording artist with a number of albums under his belt. He has made a name for himself with his energetic live shows, extensively touring the Texas circuit, often accompanied by a full band. He had previously appeared on the Conan O’Brien Show and made the pages of The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

Watch Wade Bowen live on The Texas Music Scene: 

Willy Braun meanwhile is best known for his work with red dirt band Reckless Kelly. He is one of multiple musical siblings, playing the Braun Brothers Reunion Festival every year.

The tour follows in a familiar fashion to that of veteran songsmiths John Hiatt & Lyle Lovett, the pair of whom would often trade songs and stories.

Inspired the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell, Wade is swiftly building his own legacy, previously supporting the likes of  Hank William Jr and Chris Stapleton, as well as regularly touring with fellow troubadour Randy Rodgers.

Confirmed UK Dates:

November 10              London, UK               Borderline

November 11              Brighton, UK              Bleach

November 12              Bristol, UK                 Thekla

November 13              Nottingham, UK         Bodega

November 14              York, UK                    Fibers

November 15              Leeds, UK                  Brudnell Social Club

November 16              Manchester, UK         Night and Day

November 17              Liverpool, UK             Arts Club

November 18              Glasgow, Scotland     Oran Mor