Bursting Into Spotlight ‘Shaka Shams’ Has Finally Risen With New EP ‘Elements: Crystal Clear’

  You’ll be groovin’ in no time to rapper/poet’s brand new hip hop EP ‘Elements: Crystal Clear’, in which the 18 year old artist has managed to encapsulate the maturity and playfulness of his predecessors. Currently living in Belgium, this artists has made a name for himself in smaller underground music scenes, with one notable […]

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Cholesterol Jones Preaches Satanic Gospel

Cholesterol Jones’ latest video, “Satan’s in Heaven”, depicting the leader of the free world as the devil himself, swanking around in heaven, is entirely in keeping with his no compromise stance as a singer-songwriter and film-maker. Cholesterol Jones is a folk singer in the truest sense: story-telling with a musical backing, using paradoxes, strange juxtapositions […]

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Ethereal EP from Daisy & The Dark

Daisy’s haunting approach to her music hooks you from the first word. Her sweet voice of Daisy is cutting and has hints of Daughter. The sparkly and eerie sound created puts you in a trance from beginning to end, particularly with her track ‘FOX’. With a style of alternative-electronica combined with ghostly vocals, Daisy has […]

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The Mcooleys release new EP

Empty Blue Skies is the new EP from The Mcooleys The Mcooleys are a British born but Mallorca based trio inspired by the bands of the 60s and 70s, their music characterised by percussively strummed guitars and energetic writing. Given a contemporary twist by the members’ flair for performance and writing style the EP is […]

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Fireproof Giant release new Album!

Fireproof Giant find ‘A Place to Start’ with debut EP Hot off the Circus, the EP is now available from bandcamp.co Having been described as a “terrific four piece band” (The Times) whose music is “intense, haunting and pulsating” (The Independent), it is sure enough that Fireproof Giant are experiencing a whirlwind of recognition with […]

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