Cholesterol Jones Preaches Satanic Gospel

Cholesterol Jones’ latest video, “Satan’s in Heaven”, depicting the leader of the free world as the devil himself, swanking around in heaven, is entirely in keeping with his no compromise stance as a singer-songwriter and film-maker. Cholesterol Jones is a folk singer in the truest sense: story-telling with a musical backing, using paradoxes, strange juxtapositions and satire to tweak the ears of his listeners and raise the hackles on his targets’ necks.

Watch the video to “Satan’s in Heaven” here:

Taken from the EP of the same name, “Satan’s in Heaven” is jaunty gospel/country/folk hybrid which sounds both familiar and alien. It’s defiantly out of step trend-wise musically and stylistically – a terrific thing. The very best art hasn’t aged when it was, in fact, already not aligned with the times in the first place. This uses an unusual musical approach to carry a message which certainly doesn’t fade with time – opposition to authority and inequality.

Cholesterol was born on a US army base in Bavaria before moving to Boston, where he spent his formative years. After a period of twenty years living in New York City, he now splits his time between London, Boston and Cape Cod, his observations of the world around him keener than ever. Though his opinions may veer towards the withering (as you might expect, Donald Trump is not held aloft so much as dangled in disgust), there’s a level of wry humour and musical astuteness, which brings to mind acidic troubadours of old, from Tom Lehrer to Jake Thackray, as well as the unconventional approach of They Might Be Giants.


Cholesterol has withdrawn from the live scene has now dedicated himself to the studio and film-making, an example of his stellar work being the video above. The live scene’s loss is humanity’s gain, the campaign to make Cholesterol Jones president starts here.









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