‘Recycle Your Regrets’: The new album from Norther-Irish songsmith Chase The River

album cover

It seems like it takes a lot of meaningful and often heartbreaking incidents to be able to write quality songs, and Chase The River is the perfect example of this.

Some particularly scarring events have cut the talented songwriter deep, for example, he’s had his fair share of heartbreak, his father passed away, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and to top it all off, he broke his back playing rugby, but arguably, his songwriting has benefited from it.

With an honest and accessible approach to writing his music, Chase The River is a highly accessible artist whose cleverly crafted style is sure to strike a note with anyone who has the vaguest idea of decent music. Now, Chase The River is back with what he considers his best record to date, Recycle Your Regrets, which as you can tell from the title, is a very self-reflective piece of art.

Part of what makes Chase The River so appealing is his apathy in creating a ‘perfect’, polished recording. Sometimes, and particularly with his style of folk music, a slight rawness, and ‘rough around the edges’ sound compliments the vibe much better. In fact, during the recording process, which was conducted somewhat ‘on the fly’, the other musicians hadn’t even heard the material before entering the studio. As a result, there’s much more reliance on the the musicians gelling together with their craft, which helps achieve this rugged sound.

Chase The River has even performed at the Copenhagen songwriters festival, Sunflowerfest and the Pure M music awards show where he was nominated for ‘Best Irish Act’ and ‘Best EP’, and this has led to him also receiving airplay support from BBC Radio Ulster and RTE 2XM.

Having been compared to the likes of Passenger, Joe Purdy and The White Buffalo, Chase The River is the following in a strong folk tradition, but he sets himself apart with some of the finest songwriting around.

Recycle Your Regrets isn’t out until June 17th, so check out more on Chase The River below:











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