‘The Wild Winds’ EP by Harry Pane

harry pane

Brand new, from London based singer / songwriter Harry Pane, is his emotionally gripping new release: The Wild Winds EP. 

This EP showcases this artist’s unique style and songwriting capabilities through intriguing lyrics and memorable guitar melodies. There is an upbeat feel to tracks such as ‘Old Friend’ and ‘Into the Dark’, encompassing blues and rock ideas, while ‘Fletcher Bay’ reflects on this artist’s difficult life. Dani Castelar (REMPaulo Nutini) recorded the EP, which was funded by Island Records, after Pane won Meet & Jam’s ‘Road to the 100 Club’. As well as winning this competition, BBC Introducing have also taken an interest in his music, securing him a gig at the O2 Academy Oxford in May.

As I travel round these roads that wind, I feel my mind collide with memories when I felt alive’. These emotional words are the first uttered on this heart-warming EP. Formed from the positive memories that Pane has from when his dad was still with him, ‘Fletcher Bay’ is taken from the creative brain of a lyrical mastermind. With a beautifully crafted guitar intro, and poetic lyrics that leave the listener full of empathy for the man who wrote them, this single starts the EP in a magical place.

In complete contrast to the first track, ‘Into the Dark’ and ‘Old Friend’ provide feel good choruses, and rhythms that anyone can tap their foot to. In both tracks, electric guitar riffs and punchy drum rhythms create a different interpretation of blues rock. These have been incorporated into his already established singer / songwriter style, which ensure anyone will leave humming his distinctive lyrics.

In support of his new music, Pane has just embarked on his first UK tour. This will see him playing a selection of gigs as the headline act, and one as a BBC Introducing artist. Other artists such as Jake Bugg and The 1975 beginning their careers with BBC Introducing, can only provide hope that Harry Pane will continue to produce such high quality music.

This EP will certainly reach its full potential in a live, gig environment. Visit harrypane.com to view his upcoming concert dates, and to listen to his wonderfully engaging new music.

James Handler



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