Track Review: ‘Frank Sinatra’ by Lisa Richards


Lisa Richards’ voice soothes the soul in her lead single, ‘Frank Sinatra’, taken from her upcoming album A Light From The Other Side.

Richards’ voice appears to me as a beautiful mix of the accented tones of Noisettes’ lead singer, Shinghai Shoniwa, and the calming control of Corinne Bailey Rae.

Australian-born Lisa uses the creative media of music and her fruitful songwriting abilities to explore personal issues within her album; with Richards herself professing, ‘My songs don’t quite fit anywhere. They aren’t ‘commercial’ and yet people are drawn to them, the songs speak to people.  There’s something primal and familiar about the songs, the stories, the voice.’ Her unstable childhood provided all the push she needed to fly the nest in search of a music career in the city.

Best described as a blend of soft soul, smooth jazz, with all the melancholy lyrical depth of your classic blues numbers, Lisa’s songs are set to speak to people on multiple levels.

‘Frank Sinatra’ is set to an endearingly quirky animation of emerging nature onto a hazy background; perfectly mirroring the contented sunny Sunday afternoon feel of the song

Lisa’s album A Light From The Other Side is set for release on 21st April.

Watch ‘Frank Sinatra’ here:

Listen to more of Lisa’s songs on SoundCloud:

Keep up to date via her website:


Grace Mitchell


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