Glenn Harrold makes a comeback with ‘Fading Photograph’

It’s likely that Glenn Harrold is the world’s only multi-million selling hypnotherapist who has also forged a career in music, but this simply makes him all the more intriguing.

Glenn has found huge success with his self-help books and apps, which are sold all over the world, but having always had a passion for music and songwriting, he has turned to this as a profession too.

Having released ‘The Wayfarer’ late last year,  a song that looked into the folklore of the Peace Pilgrim, Glenn has looked much closer this time with ‘Fading Photograph’, a beautiful ballad telling the story of lost love and reminiscence.

Similarly to his last track, ‘Fading Photograph’ uses the talented vocals of Dean Rhymes, who puts Glenn’s evocative songwriting and musicianship into practice. Dean’s pure and gentle voice combines delicately with a beautifully written piano lead forming a ballad of powerful emotion, further backed up by the subtle string accompaniments.

Being a hypnotherapist and self-help author, there are lot of themes that Glenn comes across everyday including consciousness, spirituality, peace and of course, love: the central core of ‘Fading Photograph’.

Check out more on Glenn Harrold here:

Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now:



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