Glenn Harrold’s Inspired Track: ‘The Wayfarer’

‘The Wayfarer’ is the folk-inspired new single from Glenn Harrold, who you may otherwise know as the the famed hypnotherapist and self-help author. His apps and downloads have sold over 7 million copies worldwide making him one of the biggest names in the business. However, Glenn is now branching out, using his musical talents to take a slightly different career direction.

Despite this, his career as a self-help author has created a solid platform to build a music career on. For example, many of the topics and issues that Glenn deals with in his job are ones that he writes about within his music. However, ‘The Wayfarer’, which also features the talented vocals of Dean Rhymes, stems from the inspiring story of the peace pilgrim, a woman who walked across America several times throughout her life in the name of peace. Some of the other subjects that influence Glenn’s songwriting are shamanism, spirituality, love and even veganism.

With an easy listening sound, driven by delicate folk melodies and instrumentation, Glenn’s music is perfect for sitting back and relaxing, whilst there is a strong subtext behind ‘The Wayfarer’ that you can get your intellectual teeth into as well.

Glenn’s hypnotherapy career has also led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.




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