Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla Celebrate 40th Anniversary of ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’

Experienced celtic-rock violinist Joe O’Donnell and his band Shkayla (Gaelic for ‘stories’) are back, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Joe’s acclaimed concept album, Gaodhal’s Vision, which featured blues-rock guitar legend, Rory Gallagher.

Gaodhal’s Vision tells the story of the Milesian people leaving Egypt and setting out for the island, foretold to them by Moses, called Eire (Ireland). The album displays Joe’s fascination with the esoteric and celebrates the origins of the Celts and many distinctive aspects of their famed culture.

Noted as one of the best guitarists of all time, Rory Gallagher enjoyed a warm musical friendship with Joe. Upon the release of Gaodhal’s Vision, the album was met with positive feedback, partly due to Rory’s involvement, but also because of Joe’s innovative compositions and quality musicianship.

To mark the anniversary, Joe and Shkayla will be performing two live shows at the Coventry Belgrade Theatre on 31st March and 1st April. The live performance will be accompanied by Irish and Indian dancers, as well as narration and the original recordings of Rory’s guitar solos. As a result, the shows will be more than your average gig; they’re set to be quite the spectacle with their multi-media experiences.

Joe is a classically trained musician, but he quickly grasped the links between Celtic and Indian Music which his band now blend with an intriguing amalgamation of jazz, rock and orchestral genres.

Also, with St. Patrick’s day coming up, Joe is keen to restore the original meaning of the day of the patron saint. Being a living descendant of the people who brought St. Patrick to Ireland, Joe feels a responsibility to reclaim the true meaning through his folk inspired music and move it away from the commercialised image of drunkenness and over-indulgence.

The 40th Anniversary Special Edition of Gaodhal’s Vision is set for release 28th April 2017.

You can listen to some tracks from Gaodhal’s Vision here on SoundCloud:


Find out more on Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla here:


Buy tickets for the shows here:





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