‘After Eve’ by Warsaw Radio

‘After Eve’ is the latest single from folk-rock-pop band, Warsaw Radio. You might wonder where such a name comes from and the answer is a historical one. Front-man Brian McNamara once read about the Warsaw Radio Orchestra who continued to play their music throughout the siege of their city by the German Army in 1939. The story strongly influences McNamara, hence the band’s meaningful title.

According to McNamara “The story really inspired me. Working as an original artist in what can be a tough industry can be hard and having an inspiration like these guys in 1939 helps to keep you going”.

Produced by Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Florence Welch) and mastered by John Davis (U2, White Lies), ‘After Eve’ follows a unique narrative, imagining the scenario of Adam being separated from Eve after they banished from the garden of Eden, from Adam’s perspective. With such inspired and well thought song writing, Warsaw Radio already have an advantage over other bands due to their powerful ability to tell stories.

Rich orchestration combines with the warm and clear vocals of McNamara creating a folk influenced pop-rock sound that is sure to appeal to contemporary audiences. Along with the grandeur of an emotive string section, there is a sense of epic-ness to the music of Warsaw Radio that you can really immerse yourself in.

The band as a whole draw influences from the likes of Wilco, Fleetwood Mac and The Waterboys and they’re setting off on a UK tour which begins in their hometown of Brighton, at Komedia February 8th.









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