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With Mark L. Oakes’ Call Me The Moon album, we are presented with a soulful and heartfelt collection of folk-rock tunes and ballads that are more than easy on the ears.

Hailing from Belgium, Mark writes enchanting melodies with deep meaning that he delivers with his signature, distinctive vocals. One can imagine that Mark’s classic Americana-folk sound would fit well as the soundtrack to a film, or even a ‘karmic road trip’, as Oakes puts in his own words.

Tracks such as ‘Shredded Jeans’ are endearing in their style; both gentle in sound through the use of humble piano lines and emotive harmonica sections, yet powerful in their build up, mainly due to the timbre of Mark’s stunning vocals.

Upon first listening, your first comparison may well be Neil Young, someone Mark notes as one of his primary influences. As well as the folk-rock God, Oakes admires the work of Tom Petty, Ryan Adams and Tucker Zimmerman.

Music aficionados will appreciate the quality production in Oakes music as well as the subtlety of instrumentation, whilst others will simply be able to appreciate the easy listening nature of what Mark is creating.

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