Tuffet Bunnies: ‘Everything’


‘Written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan’. This is how Clem Darling of Tuffet Bunnies describes the songs on his latest EP, Love Songs for Scarlett. Already, you can see that he is no ordinary artist.

‘Everything’ is the catchiest of the four songs on the EP that creates more vivid images like hoedowns in country barns and people getting merry drinking cider. In the best way possible, might I add.

The fiddle behind the guitar and vocals provides a quintessential folky sound to the classic base of vocals and guitar, whilst the subtle bongo drums and tambourine combo keeps the track sounding organic, and not overshadowing the song’s lyrical centre piece.

Speaking of lyrics, they come originally  in the form of an extensive list of compliments, aimed at Darling’s girlfriend, Scarlett: ‘You have talent, you have taste, you are self-sufficient, you don’t need my protection…’.  Some might dismiss this as overly simplistic song writing, but the list form fits perfectly for the song’s content; Darling is declaring his love for girlfriend – why beat around the bush? As a result, the song feels much more sincere.

If you’re one of those who likes some comparisons to other artists in your reviews, then here goes. Adam Green is an apt reference point, both his solo work and that with the Moldy Peaches, as well as Futur Primitif and Joe Purdy. But that’s just my opinion, so you might as well check out Tuffet Bunnies nonetheless!

To summarise, I’d be over the moon if this song had been written about me.





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