The Sneaky Nixons Get You Moving With ‘Schadenfreude’

promo-shot-1The Sneaky Nixons are about to bring the house down with their latest release ‘Schadenfreude’ – describing themselves as ‘Angry, semi-political, semi-religious, part-feminist, a sloppy activist group’. They are known for declaring war on Dance music, guns promoters and non-believers of their Rock -n-Roll terrorism, with no time for humdrum normality, preferring the out of control, dangerous and volatile , in order to live their lives in a brutally riotous and Rock-n-Roll fashion.

‘Schnadenfreude’ has great guitar riffs, with a nice drum beat which sets the scene for the track, it’s one of those tracks where you can’t help but jig your leg or move to, I struggled to sit still during the first listen, oh and the second and third… I would recommend checking out The Sneaky Nixons, I can only picture bigger and better things for the band.


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