Alan Bonner Night Music Album Cover small‘Songs inspired by drinkers, thieves, prostitutes, spurned lovers, fallen rock stars and chance meetings with strangers on night buses. Songs inspired by the disaffected creatures that take to the streets and the bars of the city when the sun goes down.

This is how rising indie artist Alan Bonner describes his latest album, aptly titled Night Music. Drawing from a meld of personal experience and worldly observation, these songs help to paint a picture of human civilisation after dark.

The instrumentals are all very pretty – twinkling pianos, soaring pianos and minimal percussion making up the palette. They feel serene and vast as the night itself, generally sticking to a slow and brooding pace (with the exception of synth-tinged ‘The Dance’, although you’d be hard-pressed to call it a club anthem).

The lyrics meanwhile serve as a stark contrast to their glossy and dream-like backdrops, ‘wrapped in a fur coat/ bravado snorted through a five pound note’ being a standout line. The result are some of the grittiest lullabies you’re likely to ever hear, Bonner creating himself a real niche – appealing to both lovers of life’s beauty and ugliness.

You can get an idea of the album below: