Electric Child House to release grass roots single ‘False Window’!

Electric Child House are a ballsy, grass roots, psychedelic rock band straight outta’ buzzing Essex talent-farm The White Room Studios. The band have built up a loyal fan base through their spellbinding club shows and released their debut EP “Goochie Goochie Goo” through The White Room’s very own new indie label Label White Room in June 2015. !

‘Goochie Goochie Goo’ is a 16-minute pilgrimage marauding through the desert, the dive bars and the mad houses – it pays homage to the temple of noise and debauchery. The calling card is ‘Soul Sucker’ – a hybrid monster of Zeppelin and Jane’s Addiction, the single is no holds barred rock ’n’ roll with blistering riffs and a Screamadelica-esque backing vocal.

A behemoth of an opening statement and an ode to influences such as QOTSA, The Black Angels and The Stone Roses. ‘False Widow’ builds on apprehension and doubt, the trip is on the cusp of turning into a nightmare. George Coster’s sleazy bass line and a meandering croon from Matthew Hookings plays on this anxiety throughout the first verse until the guitars burst into a super-sonic wall of colour, euphoria and ecstasy for the chorus. Echoes of Neil Young & Crazy Horse run through ‘Plastic Rebellion’ where gunslingers Ronnie Mitchell and Aaron Byford deliver a sweeping soundscape of modern psychedelia. The track finds the narrator in a more reflective mood, delivering Floyd- esq dreamy vocals. Title track ‘Goochie Goochie Goo’ is a bonkers 90 seconds of hypnotic chaos around the totem of psych that throws back to the madness of the The Haçienda.’Juice’ is Child House’s triumphant swansong – with the sun rising and before the dust settles, they take you for one last hurtling spin. Harry Dacey’s pulverizing drums drive the hypnotic grooves and bluesy harmonica into a new dawn, refusing to believe the party is over…

With an armory of chaotic live shows behind them and exciting list of gigs and festivals lined up for this summer, Electric Child House have managed to distil and bottle the raw energy of their sound into this EP. It encapsulates and defines rock ’n’ roll…

iTunes download link :

“If you’re a Zep head it’ll be right up your street” Mike Joyce (The Smiths)

“Electric Child House are the perfect exponent of modern day psychedelia” Gary Powell (The Libertines)

New Single ‘False Widow’ out April 29th
Out June 15th 2016 via Label White Room

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