Adam Protz – ‘Movements’


Protz is a melodic masterhand when it comes to the piano. Delivering delicate piano melodies and intricate instrumentals, Protz has created his beautiful EP ‘Movements’, consisting of four enchanting  tracks.

Protz has a history in writing music for films, animated shorts, educational DVDs and he’s written music for a  brewery documentary!

Watch the ‘Movements’ video here:

Protz has been writing music for many years and has taken his time to master the art of writing beautiful music.

The lyric-less music Protz delivers provokes an emotional reaction and is incredibly relaxing.

Protz aims to inspire relaxation and offers the perfect setting for escaping to through his music. A firm believer that the world is over-obsessed with Smart-phones and social networks, Protz encourages listeners, from all walks of life, to return to the roots and escape with him into his musical world of beautiful, elegant minimalism.

‘Movements’ is out on the 30th November.


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