Paralell Play – Take your pants off Album

Take your Pants Off Album Cover A country band that will have you dancing your pants off!

Dallas born Country Rock band have released a new album by the name of Take your pants off, it was released earlier this year and we believe that it fuses rock and country sounds together brilliantly.

Take Your Pants Off is a bluegrass instrumentation in a rock band formation produced by Salim Nourallah (The Old 97’s) and engineered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys).

Infectious, innovative songs harken to a by-gone era while simultaneously flipping genre conventions the bird. Carefully crafted lyrics and an energetic, stripped-down instrumentation create an inviting sound for fans and newcomers alike.

Take Your Pants Off is produced and engineered by Dallas Observer’s seven-time producer of the year, Salim

Nourallah (Old 97’s Blame it on Gravity) and master engineered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys Brothers).

Parallel Play has performed with acts like Seryn, The O’s, Oil Boom!, Possessed by Paul James, Telegraph Canyon,
Holy Moly, the Ben Miller Band, Jillette Johnson, Quaker City Night Hawks and Mountain Sprout.

For a taste of this country hit, Visit their site at:




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