Albert Lee – Frettening Behaviour – released through Heroic Records – Out Now

Albert Lee LP 700Coming up to his 70th birthday, excellent country guitarist Albert Lee is still going strong with this new album release with his latest collective, known as Hogan’s Heroes.

Made up of veterans with similar background, the band have stitched together a really good album in ‘Frettening Behaviour’ (although we could live without that pun…).

As you listen through, it seems that all roots life is here, from the obvious country styles which made Albert Lee his name, to the slightly less obvious. The cover version of Greenday’s ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ actually opens proceedings with a distinctly more folky feel, while follow up ‘Spellbound’ (another cover, of Paul Kennerly) is quite a straightforward translation with few country licks.

Not all the songs here are covers though, some written by the band for this album. Band member Gavin Povey wrote ‘When Elvis Broke the News’ which plays like a classic Johnny Cash tune, while there’s a ragtime feel ‘My Window Faces the South’.

It makes for a varied release which is produced and ordered in such a way that the variation doesn’t make it seem inconsistent. If anything, with a running time of almost an hour, this is quite a long album by current standards, making the differing styles all the more vital and interesting.


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