Six Years – ‘Till Then’

Six yearsSix Years is a London duo: Vanessa Anne Redd (guitar/vocals/organ) and Marc Makarov (bass/vocals/drum machine/synth). This is the side project of the critically acclaimed band Rubicks, and is a much more grown up affair which captures raw performance, intimacy and mood over production. Think dark folk stories and dream-pop alloyed to Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Brian Eno, Nick Cave with PJ Harvey, and you’ll be getting the sense of Six Years’ aural manifesto.

Recorded ‘as-live’ and true to performance in the 1234 Studios gallery space in Redchurch Street, the songs were bought to realisation soon after they were written for feel and authenticity.  In other projects, Vanessa and Marc have recorded albums that have taken years to produce and release, Six Years is an antithesis of this, using basic, traditional recording methods and utilizing the immediacy of releasing records in this the new digital world.

In their previous incarnation as Rubicks, they supported luminaries such as Gary Numan and John Foxx on tour, also featuring on compilations published by Rough Trade Records and Modular Recordings. Rubicks have enjoyed considerable press attention, including song of the week for ‘Is This Love’ on BBC6 Music’s Breakfast Show.

Six Years’ debut album ‘Rivers’ is coming later in 2014 and is mixed by Mark Ronson’s right hand man, hip producer Alan O’Connell who recently won Engineer of the Year at the MPG awards. They share the same vision, in balancing rough with smooth in the recordings.

TILL THEN: The story idea was Influenced by Carol Carpenter / Sonic Youth track ‘Super Star’.

The track was self recorded in Six Years rehearsal studio, 1234 Studios in Redchurch street, London.
Through the delay drum machine unfolds the tragic tale of unrequited love, an imagined life between two people.  It tells the story of the fantasy of being with a person neither have ever properly met. Neither participant has the courage to make contact with the other and Till Then their life together is just a dream inside their heads.


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