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[Stream their EP here – https://soundcloud.com/malik-27]

Following the release of their debut 4- track self-titled EP, talented young upstarts Malik & Pettite have announced two London showcase gigs in the coming weeks. The first on November 20th at ‘The Bedford’ in South London, followed by December 6th at the legendary 100 Club in Soho.Image

The duo have only just released their first EP and are definitely on the rise. Their four track EP, ‘Malik & Pettite’, is a tight and fun little number.

‘Victoria’ is the stand out track for me with brilliant hints of a Housemartins sound that has otherwise disappeared from the mainstream.

Similarly ‘Only You’ and ‘No More Love’ have something of the late 80s / 90s guitar folk sound to them, maybe a touch of Billy Bragg in there as well. Check out the video for ‘No More Love’, set predominantly on an airplane wing! http://youtu.be/PgL8WY3IMBg

If you’re around the venues then I would recommend you give them a go, even if you’re not, get down there! I wouldn’t be surprised to see them following the paths set by Jake Bugg et al in the near future.

Malik & Pettite Debut EP Track List:

1.    No More Love

2.    Only You

3.    Victoria

4.    Rise Up