Snake Mary – new album 11 17

Snake MaryHelmed by singer-songwriter Kevin Barber, Snake Mary are a band who were brought together for one express purpose – to bring to life an album that Barber had intended to make for a long, long time.

With a final tally of ten tracks, it’s an album that pays apt tribute to UK folk tropes while mainly adhering to the styles and rhythms of Americana, fitting seeing as the songs were written in Los Angeles before Barber relocated to Suffolk.

Perhaps the strongest track on offer is lead single ‘Consequences’, one of the more country-fied tracks. Replete with slide guitar and a mellow vocal and tempo, it’s a solid track with perhaps the best production on the record, each instrument captured perfectly to create a lovely full sound.

Also of note is ‘Lay By The River’, a shuffled, walking bass driven blues track with a catchy, singalong chorus. On the rockier side, ‘Holly Got A Monkey’ has a fuller rhythm and some excellent harmonies, not mention a storming guitar solo.

Depending on taste, listeners may find different highlights to those detailed here. One thing that’s for sure is that fans of roots will get a kick out of this one.


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